Rhea County Fair
 In 2000, the Rhea County Commission approached UT Extension with the idea of developing a fairgrounds on property owned in Evensville, TN. Through much hard work on the part of volunteers and staff, this dream is slowly becoming a reality. A resolution was adopted in 2003 by the county commission naming the facility the Rhea County Agricultural and Natural Resource Complex or, more commonly known as, the Ag Center. The UT Extension Committee is responsible for proposing and submitting policies and procedures for the operation of the Center. 
  The property had humble beginnings with only an existing barn on site. Through volunteer efforts, grantdollars and donations, the Center now has a picnic pavilion, youth exhibit building, Farm Credit agriculture exhibit building,  entertaiment stage, livestock exhibit and show barn, rodeo arena, and a gazebo, along with the original barn.
  New construction last  year saw  completion of another restroom facility, fair office/ticket booth at the front gate,  and a concession stand/announcers booth at the arena. This facility is available to outside groups for rental. For more information, please contact the UT Extension office at (423) 775-7807.